Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Hold the Pigskin Unveils New Logo

Cleveland, OH - With the goal to "honor tradition and provide modern edge," the vegan tailgate blog revealed a new logo today on the eve of training camp 2015.

The likeness of Brownie, the famed elf, is mashed with Popeye the Sailor Man, the spinach guzzling cartoon whose physical strength immediately becomes superhuman upon eating leafy greens.

While the website didn't undergo an expansive (and expensive) "two-year revamping project," the new logo drew rave reviews from fans of the site.

A proud father, Adam, Erin and Chris enjoying a vegan sausage
"That logo is AMAZING!" said Nick Harper of Columbus, Ohio. Mr. Harper also happens to be the creative brain trust behind the name "Hold the Pigskin."

"That is the coolest thing I've ever seen! When can I make it my background?" chimed Chris Sheeks, a game-day regular.

Requests have poured in for t-shirts, aprons and other memorabilia with the new logo and should be coming soon. Those who want merchandise should fill out this form to be included in the first batch.

Other intricate details of the logo, drawn by Cleveland artist and designer Shawn T. Gray, include a carrot football with green leaves protruding from the bottom of the "carrot skin" and a flaming grill to symbolize the epic tailgates.

We went a little further than this!
Unfortunately, this logo rollout didn't come with huge party at the convention center or utilize focus groups and surveys, but the impact on the brand is unmistakable. "This is a total game-changer," said website operator and head chef Adam Rosen. "Hold The Pigskin is now firmly on the map as a vegan destination event for plant-based tailgaters around the world."

The vegan tailgate season opens Sunday, September 20th in the Muni Lot when the Browns take on the Tennessee Titans. Expect some other exciting additions to the tailgate this year in addition to the new logo. Stay tuned! #btlerie

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